iOS Encryption Clarification

I have successfully made the switch from ownCloud to Nextcloud and am ready to starting using the iOS app. I have tried to find a detailed explanation on how the encryption works in the iOS app but haven’t had any luck or have overlooked something. I would like to know if there are any ramifications after creating this encryption key and how exactly this process works and what exactly is encrypted. If I have missed this explanation somewhere can someone please point me in the right direction, meantime I will continue using the ownCloud app.


There was a statement that AES256 is used:

Thanks for the link tflidd. I was aware that the encryption method was AES-256 however I am curious of how the app actually encrypts files, where the encryption keys are stored, and if files encrypted with the iOS app can then be opened from the web interface or when synced to a PC using the desktop sync client. I haven’t been able to find a detailed explanation of this process.


@ios should know the details…

Hi, for now the file encrypted are read and open only with iOS, the encrypt system (key) it’s preserver on keychain in your iphone/ipad.

For new questions i am here.


@ios, Thanks for your reply and clarification. Am I correct in assuming there is a way to differentiate between what files are encrypted and what are not within the app. I have been hesitant to login to the iOS App as I didn’t want it to encrypt other files but I believe you have answered that concern. If one cannot open files unencrypted files stores in Nextcloud I would imagine it would be best to use the ownCloud app for now if you wish to have files unencrypted accesible via iOS.


Thanks @tflidd for pointing me in the right direction.

@tspillman the possibility of encrypted files in Nextcloud iOS it’s only a plus but you’re not forced to use it, Nextcloud iOS offers many other nice features, try it !!


Thank you for your time and clarification @ios. I will give it a try.

@ios, is there a way to not have to enter in a password from the main screen then? I realize we’re not forced to use the encryption but forcing the password on startup made me think the same.

The app is great though. One thing is there a planned app/plug-in so the encrypted files can be views on the web version?

For now NO, if anyone has interest in developing i give all the necessary support :wink:

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I was curious about this also - how does the iOS encryption differ from that offered directly via the server? Is there a need to have two different methods of encrypting files?

@dcrdev, @ios’ amazing app encrypts your iOS files and sends them encrypted to the NextCloud server — if you choose to encrypt. It is not required to encrypt them and send to NC tho. However, that means only your app can decrypt/read the files. When viewed online they’re encrypted. I see this as a great feature if a NC user is not the owner of the server and wants to also protect all files, names, thumbnails, etc. Great for journalists, etc. Because NC encryption ONLY encrypts the file & not directory, filename, thumbnail, etc.

All-in-all a great implementation & was happy supporting the dev $1.

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Is there a way to add Notes which are not encrypted? I tried to get into the app without entering an encryption key, and couldn’t see how to do that, and now all notes appear to be encrypted automatically.

@Jestre it’s a good observation, i add in to-do the possibility of Note encrypted or plain.