iOS Client set Favorites and Offline Favorites


i have setup a nextcloud test Server and i like it :wink:

But i have problems with my iOS Client.

I can not add Favorites on the iOS Client, on the Website it works and i can see it in the iOS client.
Error: Request failed: not found (404)

The User is a LDAP User!

Second i have set Offline Favorites, but no files is downloaded from the Fav. folders.

Sorry for my english and thanks for your help.

Server: 12.0.4
iOS Client:



i have update to 13.0.0 but no change.

I can download and view files.
I can set in the web frontend files as favorites.

If i change a Favorit file the file on my ios device is only updated if i go to the folder an wait any seconds.
But i need that the file are updated in the backround.
The users need the newest files by a offline connection.

good Morning
it is really funny, I can now mark favorites these are then downloaded directly. After about 1 minute, the favorites marks disappear again and do not come back.
For the web client, the marked files are still marked as favorites.