iOS Client PDF Readerzjbes

Moved to NextCloud for viewing PDF files from my system. These might be magazines and graphic novels etc.

On iPad. When you click on the PDF, it opened in a half screen, then An extra click is needed for full screen.

Opening in full screen directly would be nice, or some sort of long press.

Then, I’ve found that you can tap the right hand side in full screen and it will navigate to the next page, the first time (In full screen) it will remove the top and bottom banners, but the next page they will come back.

Also it would be nice if there was a page number for the PDF, or something highlighting the progress.

Can you please be a little bit more precise how you’re exactly accessing a PDF file. Are you using the iOS app to open it so that it is downloaded and opened in a 3rd-party app, or are you using the web browser to access Nextcloud and open the PDF file directly in a browser window, etc.?

Opening directly in the nectcloud iOS app. And reading in the same app.