iOS client autoupload keeps uploading the same pictures

I’m running NextCloud Coherence for iOS @ 2020 with NextCloud Server 19.0.4.
The problem I am encountering is that the iOS client, with autoupload activated for the whole camera roll, keeps uploading the same pictures multiple times and the queue never ends. It shows 3k+ pictures being uploaded and when the 3k pictures queue finishes then it starts over again.
Any clue on what could be wrong and what I could do to fix it?
Many thanks!

Hello @giovannic,

never tried to upload such a huge collection.
Any numbers in space size? Only images? Or also videos?

Not sure about your issue.

Would it be possible to upload smaller parts?

It’s about 10GB of pictures and videos.
Unfortunately I can only select all camera roll or nothing from the settings.

I have exactly the same problem. It’s not the entire camera roll. Only the same 35 pictures that keep uploading over and over again.

If I watch the Transfer Screen, I see the folder (2020) and the month (9), and the same pictures repeatedly upload, successfully complete, then start over.

Does anyone have any clues to why this is happening?