iOS client app fails error 405

iOS nextcloud App fails error 405

Nexcloud App fails on iOS on my Nexcloud Server V12, error 405.
iOS Cloudnotes works, CalDAV sync works, Androids app worx just Nextcould main app fails on iphone.

Which iOS version are you using?

btw. NC12 is EOL.

NC12 is ( most likely) not the problem. iOS is (of course) the latest 13.3.1.
Nextcloud client for iOS did work for years nicely, then (probably) it stepped to work few weeks ago. On the same iphone CloudNotes can nicely access the files in NC-notes folder of same NC12 server.
Also CardDAV and CalDAV works on this iPhone.
Also the client app works on Android.

Which iOS client version are you using? My question was not correct, but your iOS version is nearly the latest :wink:

Any useful output of your webserver log or nextcloud log?

My comment was just an annotation :slight_smile: Please upgrade to stay safe if possible.

Please see

The iOS app fails to encode # to %23 , as it should, and the server therefore truncates the URL at the # . This might also happen for other special characters, please check.
Doesn’t happen for Android App, Web UI or Sync Clients on Windows and MacOSX.
Its a bug. Hope for a fix SOON.

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