IOS Client 2.20.8 Thumbnails broken in Photo view

Thumbnail path seems to be broken on IOS client. Photos view looks for thumbnails under path:


Where as the files view looks for the thumbnails under the correct path:


In the photos view, the extra nextcloud in the path seems to be added.

The same issue exists if you tap on a photo to view it. There is a extra “nextcloud” in the path.

Interestingly, if you brows your files through the files view, and a thumbnail is downloaded, the thumbnail will appear in the Photos view and you can now click on that thumbnail to view the full photo under the correct path.

Nextcloud 13, and IOS client V downloaded from IOS AppStore.

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How did you get this information?
Server side log file or xCode debug?

I’m looking at the server side webserver logs. It seems that if the photo is in the client’s cache, the photo thumbnail and photo display correctly. If you clear the cache and thumbnail cache, no thumbnails and only the grey generic icon are displayed on the photo panel. If you try to open up the grey photo icon, you get a error.

If you browse your folders through the files panel, those thumbnails get updated on the photo page, but will not open unless you have already opened the image through the files panel.

From the webserver log:
GET /nextcloud/index.php/apps/files/api/v1/thumbnail/128/128/nextcloud/Photos/PC/Polar%20Bears/Sita%20Lodge_Polar%20Pics0102.JPG HTTP/2.0" 404 29

Using a browser to access the thumbnail using the URL in the webserver access log


gives a 404 error


gives the correct thumbnail