IOS App v2.23.0.0 w/ NextCloud v15.0.4 is completely broken for Up/DownLoads

New install but I have everything setup correctly. works fine when connecting to server from Safari but from the app it does not seem to work for anything other than the image files and even these still say loading up top. Server logs don’t reveal any errors (nextcloud.log and the nginx error log)

I do face same/similar issues. Also the update to v15.0.5 didnt solve them. Sometimes - mostly after a restart of the server - it started to sync some hundreds of files, then it stopped. Also no entries in the server log.
KR, Worli

I completely deactivated now „geoipblock“ (that was the only addition I did during the installatiom of the new v15 Nextcloud, compared to the my previous v14 server). Now it seems to work. Whyever… Slowly, but in the meantime my Ipad downloaded >3.000 files. I closed several times the Nextcloud Sync Client, changed from WiFi to SIM-card via LTE. So many interruptions but the sync always started again. Will keep an eye on it…

I had the same problem with the latest iOS app on my phone and an nextcloud server 16.0.1.
The app could load the preview images, but once i tried to download or upload a file, the transfers never finished and were shown with a “Zero KB” speed.
Transfers through a Safari instance worked normally.

I’ve tried quite a lot of things to narrow down what could cause it.
First I tried different accounts on the same server, with the same result.
Then I tried it with a new instance of, but also with the same problem.
However, using the nextcloud app on an ipad worked normally.
So i tried to reset and reinstall the nextcould app on my phone, but the problem still remained.

After thinking about what else I could try, I remembered I’ve never tried the first solution to every IT problem ever, turning it off and on again.

Lo and behold, after restarting the phone the app worked normally again…
So, in case somebody else stumbles over this, try restarting your phone.