iOS App to Wake on Lan

I currently have NextCloud running on a Ubuntu Server running as a VirtualMachine on a MacMini.

The iOS app does not wake up my Machine.

I currently use another iOS app like VNC to wake app the Mac and therefore assume I have my router set up properly. Further once my Mac is awake then the next cloud app works fine.

I understand most likely this may not be an issue for the NextCloud iOS app but am wondering if anyone has had any experience on this.

Yes, wake on lan is not part of the app. Normally a server is not in sleep mode.

VNC is a remote control tool and here it makes sense to wake up machines AFAIU.

Normally a server is not in sleep mode.

Actually I would say “Normally a commercial server is not in sleep mode”.

Whilst I agree a server should not sleep, personal servers are a different kettle of fish. I really find it hard to justify running my computer 24/7, even though it kinda means it is not a server. I am just not that important.

So any experience from anyone on this. I assume I am not the first person with this small issue.

Nextcloud is a service and some functions like notifications, background jobs rely on a regular cron job. I would recommend to run NC on a low power consumption device 24/7 to avoid strange behaviours.