Ios app sync issue (bug)

Hi, i have juat discovered an issue with the ios apps sync functionality, i had installed a new instance of nextcloudpi for a friend and installed the ios app, enabled autouploads including old files and it started uploading the pictures, but for some reason it started popping up an error message 404: resource not found and after a while stopped uploading. After closing the app and starting it again it started uploading again several files just to stop again eventually.
After a while i found out that it always got stuck with images from february and then realized that in nextcloud the subfolder 01 and 02 were missing. So i manually created the subfolders and the sync went smoothly. However, i have yet to find out if all files got synced.
Imo, the client should look if the folder is present and if not, just create it instead of hanging there…

Issue will be fixed in version 3.0.1 thanx @ios

We’re now at version 4.4.2

I’ve been using the app for a year now, but it has never synced in the background. Ever

And it never will, at least not without location access. The only way to allow this app to truly upload n the background was for iOS location permission to wake the app and poll for new photos/videos. It was mysteriously moved and has really lessoned the apps functionality. Overall, I think this app is great, but I can’t deploy it to my family without a seamless background sync.

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