iOS App - sharing via link impossible if password protection enforced by admin


I’m using the Nextcloud iOS App that was released a few days ago.
Just wanted to report what seems to be a bug (is this forum the right place? says so in the ITS app description):

if the admin enables “enforce password protection” the iOS app won’t let you share files/folders via links.
It actually complains about enforced password protection in a short banner/error message.

The old owncloud app has no problems with my settings so it’s most likely an iOS app bug.

Thanks for looking into it or passing word to the people in charge.


Hi nani,
thanks for you reporting, we will investigate for future versions :slight_smile:

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I am using iOS with nextcloud (newest version) since 2 days. I havae the same Problem.

Password protection and expiration date are enforced on my Server.