iOS App requests re-entering username and password

Dear all,

After having used the iOS app for quite a while, I suddenly received A message on opening the app yesterday, prompting me to re-– enter my username and password as well as server credentials. Additionally, some pop up message. Appeared, informing me in a very colloquial way, that some technical issue has arisen and I need to re-enter my credentials.
This all seems a bit fishy to me. The hosting company providing my manage Nextcloud account has not heard of any such requests, and I hesitate to re-enter credentials, fearing some sophisticated phishing attempt.
Is anyone gotten the same messages on the iOS app? Or is there some official statement from Nextcloud, that this is actually OK? Line
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Yes, the app update to 4.4.x demands a re-login. Had this on all devices, too.

I was googling for the same issue as described here. Nice to get recent response.
I was bit worried as the nextcloud app states something along the lines that if this is not a new account or new install, someone is trying to lure your credentials. Well, to me it doesn’t appear as new install. The nextcloud app has been installed for quite some time and I have done nothing…

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I have the same / similar issue (NC 24.0.4 + iOS app v4.4.2.0):

  • when logging in the app asks for credentials
  • after providing those, NC app file screen appears as normal
  • after 3 seconds a red pop-up windows appears asking to re-login again

Tried again after re-starting server and re-booting mobile, but situation unchanged.
I got the impression that this happened with app version 4.4.1 or 4.4.2.

Any suggestion welcome!

thanks - tullsta

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@tullsta do you use multiple accounts on the iOS app with different credentials ?

This is what might the reason on my sight which triggers the exact same things you described.
The bug seems to exists for a bit longer as the still open GitHub Issue shows from 2020.

Until now I only had the chance to delete one of my accounts of the iOS app, since I don’t wanted to change my credentials to the same.

Unfortunately I have no clue how to get more activity into this issue. Currently nobody seems to care about.