iOS app - Problem download and upload files

Hello everyone !

I have a problem with iOS Nextcloud app. Everything is working fine on my computer (login on browser, desktop client…) but the iOS app doesn’t work.
I can login, I see all the files but I can’t open them. When I try to open a file, this message is displayed :

There are the logs on the app :

and the logs on the server (2 errors) :

If I use the web browser of the phone it works.
I am using nextcloud 12 and IOS 10 on an iPhone 5.

I found something about the TOTP but it’s disable.

Any ideas ?

Thank You ! :slight_smile:

Updated from 11 to 12, seeing the exact same thing right now.

Are you using an app password for your iOS client?

I tried with app password and without, still the same problem…
And I tried on Android, It works perfectly.