IOS app photo sync

Hi Everyone

I enabled Photo sync on my Nextcloud IOS app and noticed that only photos that are taken after enabling the sync feature are being copied. All photos taken prior to installing the app or enabling photo sync get folders created on my nextcloud server but photos aren’t being synced.

Am I missing something?

App = 2.16
Server = 11.0.10

For copy all photo and/or Video switch “Upload all camera photos/videos”

Thanks for the reply. I have had enabled, still doesn’t work. Noticed that on the NC app the upload photos feature is in beta. Is this something that’s still being worked out?

No, now the option is’t beta, now it’s ok, switch remake : off and then on.

Thanks… Will give it a try toggling off-on and report back…

I experienced that my iphone 5s only transferred the content when I was logged in and the app was in foreground.
So, I kept on hitting the screen once every minute to transfere the content. But it is only a one time process until the stuff is on the server.

Is this the expected behavior or did I miss something?

@Fahrinurlaub it’s correct. :+1:

Hmm my phone locks in a short time so how can you setup the app to transfer all the photos when it is idle ? I want to just let it upload all the phones at night since I have over 12,000 on my phone, take a while,

Plug it in to a power socket over night and disable the short lock time? :wink:

But honestly I don’t think that this is a reliable solution for 12000 photos anyways. I would plug the phone into a computer, copy the photos manually and then upload them to your Nextcloud from there.

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