iOS app not in French app store

Go to nextcloud webpage and click on the link to the nextcloud iOS-app. The french app store says that this app is not available in the French app store.

Yes, we are waiting for a document from the French Government required for the publication of French AppStore, be patient, does not depend on us :wink:

OMG. I didn’t know that it is that complicated.

Always nothing on French iTunes.

Searching a tip to connect AppStore on a US address.


No news from ANSSI

I am really curious about this ANSSI document, can you put a copy here ? What do they ask ?

Would it be possible in the mean time to use the ownCloud iOS app to access a nextCloud platform ?

That could be then up to 4 months. When was it applied, June ?

Yes, the sync protocols haven’t changed so far and the clients should be fully compatible.

I would appreciate a fully open source iOS-client (a free one would be great), you can put this optional encryption stuff in a separate version, then you wouldn’t need to submit such an application.

Yes a very good idea indeed. In France the encryption of client app is a very sensitive issue.


Any update on this ?
This bug is showing up when I visit my instance with my smartphone…

As you can see the header is empty.

Thanks in advance.

I think we can have a long wait before seeing nextcloud app in french store.
I have to big school who are waiting nextcloud in french app store. They can’t buy in US or foreign app store because ipads are in VPP distribution.
For the moment they use Documents form readdle.

J’ai essayé d’avoir des infos… mais en fait y en a pas !


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Yes @Guillaume it’s correct ANSSI it’s responsible only for “document security” request from Apple Store for the publication App in France store …for USA this document is compiled on web and the certificate it’s released in 24 h. but in France the bureaucracy is worse than in Italy …

we can not simply remain on standby


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Today god news for the French cousins !

Quick on French App Store.

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Now available !


What a coincidence ! They wake up the day after I asked them some news on Twitter …

However, this is a really great app, happy to download it !

Continue the good work,



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Hourra pour la France, enfin.

We can mark this topic as solved.

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