iOS App not creating year/month folders/subfolders - also never ending upload?

I’m running iOS 14.8 and now 15 with the same set of issues.

The client seems to be creating the directory structure under folders, but not properly attributing the files to the right directory. Sometime just dumping them in /Photos, instead of /Photos/2021/1 or even /Photos/2021.

Does anyone know of a non manual way to clean this up?

Also: The upload process seems to near the end and then just start over with the last (I presume) 40 or so files. I’ve tred this on three seperate accounts watching the app upload 1500 imagaes and the first time it kept wanting to re-upload the last 38, the last two times it’s been the number 42. It finishes and after a few minutes the number left to update is again, 42, and it starts over.

Ultimate answers aside, anyone have a clue as to what is causing this? Will it ever end? Will it go on and on my friend?