IOS app (mobile client on Iphone) not working with App-token

We are running NextCloud Ver.
Normal windows and mac Clients running fine (with and without app-tokens)
same for Adroid cients.

But with iOS app Version 2.20.3 you can only make it work if you use normal username/pw.

If you try to use app-tokens it cant logg’in
In the server log there is errors like this:
Warning core Login failed: ‘Cloud003Scan@xxxxxx.yy’ (Remote IP: ‘’)
Warning core Login failed: ‘527DD216-A734-459C-AC0B-4A6122F691EC’ (Remote IP: ‘’)
Warning user_ldap Bind failed: 49: Invalid credentials

We’ve tried on different users/Iphones/Ipads same, same…

Help please…