[iOS app] Many users sharing iPads -> is it possible to ask for login/password on each start?

Is it possible to make the app ask for username/password on each start?

The server settings are the same, but the credentials are different for every person.

I didn’t find any clues in the settings of the app.

Hello, ulf.panten. :slight_smile:

I don’t have/use iOS, nor can I find documentation if that’s been implemented. Someone did open an issue requesting it, but doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.
If anyone else knows more about this, please chime in, but the best I can recommend is to train users to sign out of the Nextcloud app whenever they’re done with the device. You may also be able to contract someone at Nextcloud GmbH to develop this feature, if you need it for your business.

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Hello mactrent,

thank you for this helpful hint!
I checked on the issues on github before, but obviously looked for the wrong keywords.