iOS app logs put and requires grant access

I’ve just got my wife into using Nextcloud for uploading her photos.

She had a lot (17000) to process. It’s been running on and off for a days.

But every so often it seems to kick her our and need a login again. Why is that? I’ve never seen it on mine.

Also and more frustrating is after the recent logout and log in. It has kicked her out again. And the app has completely lost all settings, server and everything. Including it progress in sending those 17000 images.

Is there any way of getting it to figure out what to carry on with? Or restore the upload cache or something?

If I restart from scratch it will recopy every. Single. Photo. It doesn’t seem to skips those it’s already uploaded.

Please help. I’ve sent the iOS log to myself and can provide that if it helps. That seems to have been reatained