IOS App - Live Photo (two files instead of one) upload Bug/ Feature

Hello and hope I am in the right place.

I noticed today that when I upload live photos (.heic) to my nextcloud server using the app, the ios nextcloud app saves as a .heic and as a .mov file. In the app itself I only see the live photo (.heic).
However, when I look at the server, I see a .heic and a .mov file.

The problem with two files instead of one was not like this before and besides an update of the app from the appstore nothing has been changed. This problem has been tested on different Nextcloud servers (version 21.0.4, 20.0.9 & 20.0.10).

If I disable in the app under settings - extended maximum compatibility and live photo, but only the .heic file is uploaded and is also only one file on the server…however, this .heic file is then no longer a live photo.

Previously there was only a .heic file on the server without an additional .mov file. Where is the problem? A reinstallation of the app did not change anything.

I hope you can help me.