iOS App is Unresponsive

Hi All,

I recently set up Nextcloud 15 using Docker. I’m using this docker-compose file customized with my subdomain and passwords.

Everything generally works great. The web interface is snappy, the sync client works, and I was able to install the iOS app on my phone, and my wife’s phone.

The next day I returned to the iOS app on my phone and after the splash screen loads, the app becomes stuck on the Files view, and becomes unresponsive. Eventually iOS kills the app.

If I uninstall the app, and reinstall it (sign in again, etc) then it works. But only for a short period of time, then it reverts back to this unresponsive state.

I am able to access Nextcloud in the browser using Safari.

Interestingly, this is all working fine on my wife’s iPhone.

I don’t see any relevant messages in the logs that are shown at Settings -> Logging.

Also, if I look at Settings -> Security -> Devices & Sessions then I see my iOS device, and the Last Activity is updating when I try to access the server from iOS. So it is at least trying to connect.

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I have exactly the same problem.
And I mean exactly.

Both on my iPad and my iphone the Nextcloud app is completly useless since i switched to dockerized Nextcloud 15…

I am skimming the logs in debug mode for days now… But now real success, already opend an issue on github.

Did you manage to get it to work in the meantime?

Android App works fine btw…

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I wasn’t able to fix the problem. I updated to 15.0.2 in hopes that it would fix the problem, but instead I ran into a new issue:

I was able to log in eventually by using the ‘old method’,

After logging in with the ‘old method’ I am still having this problem.

Tracking the issue here: