iOS app is ignoring the original filename while uploading documents


I am using an app to take photos and save them as PDF. This PDF I am then transferring to the Nextcloud app to upload the PDF document to my nextcloud instance. I am transferring the document by pressing the “export” button within the app I used to generate the PDF.

Unfortunately the original filename of the uploaded document is ignored and the Nextcloud app is using the current date & time as filename (e.g. 2017-06-15 19-06-38-1.pdf)

I also tested an export to the Google Drive app. Within the Google app the original filename is kept and is not overwritten. As a conclusion the issue should be located within the Nextcloud app and not within the apps I am using for the photo and PDF generation.

Is this something that can be fixed? Please try to fix this as this issue makes the whole scenario unusable as it is not reasonable for end-users to rename all uploaded files.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Tombar, if you want can create a issue here :


@ios done. New issue opened on Github.

I would really appreciate if this gets fixed as it makes the whole scenario of a digital mail room unusable.

Scenario flow:

  • receive paper letter
  • take photo
  • generate PDF and specify correct filename
  • upload PDF to Nextcloud
  • destroy paper letter


The problem has not been resolved! Moreover, when transferring a file, its internal structure is exposed