iOS app - huge cache


My girlfriends iPhone has 16GB of photos/videos she wants to back up and only 2-3GB available on the phone. So naturally as a programmer I installed Nextcloud on my server (using the docker stack) to help her out.

The server is up and running and all is fine, but when I start uploading/backup up the camera roll the Nextcloud app eats up those 3GB before long and the phone runs out of space.

I don’t get it. I want to backup those 16GB of media files to my server, but it seems to me like the app wants to cache all of those 16GB too! It makes no sense at all to cache the files on the phone as they are allready there?

I’ve spend 2 days setting this up, and this stops the show. I really wanna make it work, but won’t accept that the app must cache alle the data I wanna backup.

Thanks for any help on this issue!