iOS app: Fatal bug with multiple accounts

Unfortunately there seems to be a fatal UI bug regarding multiple accounts.

I’ve got several NC accounts activated in Nextcloud app for iOS. But one account has closed. So it was an account for a company during a project.

Now it is impossible to delete this account in the app. Even more after tapping on this account a fullscreen pop-up appears for web login. But with no valid login data it is either impossible to login or to cancel and go back to the app. Even after restarting the app. The only way is to full delete the app and reinstall with all data.

So there must be an option to delete an account without activating it!

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The same with me!!
Needs some urgent fix!

Did you try to use OCC command ?

Inside the iOS-app? How’s that gonna work?
There is no way to do anything if an disabled account is active in the app.

Sorry I read to fast. You need to enter your password to remove your account in the nextcloud app ?

Exactly. That’s the problem. So the pop-up screen fits all and there is no way to go back.

You could try to add a second account from a test-user of your own Nextcloud. Change the password afterwards or delete the user. Then you can see the bug. Afterwards you can activate the account/password again to cancel it.