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Hi, I have NextCloud’s App latest version on my iPhone with current IOS ver.13.2.2. It’s a personal account & hostiso is providing the server storage. No other users,admin, etc.
I want to encrypt my files, but the option in the NextCloud App says, “end to end encryption not available”. How do I make it so I can use encryption like other users?

I’m a noob to NextCloud, but not a noob to forums, so I did search and found this thread: iOS Encryption Clarification

Why are these personal account users able to turn on encryption in the App on IOS & I can’t? Does it depend on what server your using that determines wether you can enable encryption or not? It’s just HDD space, so I wouldn’t think this would matter, unless ‘hostiso’ doesn’t allow it. If that’s the case, which free host providers allow it? When Nextcloud was new I remember you needed the App ‘Cryptomator’ to encrypt files for Nextcloud. It appears like this App is no longer needed. I’m familiar with encryption & have used Veracrypt many times for local storage, but not on a cloud/server. I’ve already uploaded a few files to my account & attached screenshots of the error messages.
Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.


End-to-end need an app installed server side. You need to find a host that support it.

I would be careful however. The state of the implementation is not great to say the least. It is labeled as “ALPHA” for good reason. People have seen files in plain text that should be encrypted, wierd behavior causing data loss etc. If you really need it, I recommend using a third party app like Cryptomator. You loose stuff like being able to share encrypted files however

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If you happen to test the end-2-end encrytpion, don’t forget to submit bugs to the bugtracker: