iOS app doesn't work when run on iPhone, same app works fine on iPad

when I try to connect from the iPhone to the nextcloud server I get the login pages, I get to the 2FA screen, I enter my OTP and then the app does not give me the lovely clean Coherence view, instead I get a fallback to the broswer view, no integration with Files, etc.

In the logs I get this:
{"reqId":"SmBmzAfOdOo3iBPP4erN","level":2,"time":"2021-03-18T21:26:33+00:00","remoteAddr":"<redacted>","user":"<redacted>","app":"no app in context","method":"GET","url":"/files/index.phps/","message":"Invalid data provided to provideInitialState by files","userAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (iOS) Nextcloud-iOS/3.3.1","version":""}

I have updated nextcloud to the latest stable, (, I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared all caches etc. on the iphone, restarted it, let it sit in the corner and think about its choices, etc…

I can’t find any similar posts to this on a search, hopefully one of you super nextclouders might have an idea for me, I am stumped! I was about to disable 2FA thinking that perhaps that was the issue, but then the iPad connected, went through the 2FA process and properly launched without an issue

Thanks in advance

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