iOS App Crashes

Up until now I’ve been using the Owncloud client with Nextcloud without issue, I thought I’d give the new Nextcloud app a try for the automatic photo upload feature. After purchasing the app, assigning an encryption passphrase and then attempting to add my Nextcloud server the app crashes.

Opening the app results in the splash screen displaying for a fraction of a second and then a crash. I’m running Nextcloud 9.0.53 with iOS 9.3.4 on an iPhone 6s. I think 9.3.4 was only released yesterday - so perhaps a bug has been introduced?

mmm i don’t think it’s a problem of 9.3.4. … your nextcloud server it’s internal or it’s possible have a account test for me ?

Write me on

I’ve sent you an email with a test account.

I’ve been debugging this with @ios and the problem appears to be specific to accounts that utilise SFTP shares that are authenticated using the user’s credentials from the current session.

I have provided @ios with a test account with this setup as well as a debug log.

I have opened a ticket #942 for this bug, thanks @dcrdev for your patience.

Any updates on this?

we found that the problem is server-side, we expect debugging from Nextcloud server team

FYI Nextcloud 10 appears to have corrected the problem.

:slight_smile: i wait news from developer :+1:

@dcrdev please contact me for “corrected the problem”


I would like to know what the solution is as well.

The problem sees to persist even with Version 10.

As soon as I enter the server and credentials for our primary server the App crashes and will not come back. I have to delete the app and reinstall it to even be able to access the settings.

When I enter the credentials for a test server it works great. I then can even add a connection to our production system and access the files there. So I currently have a workaround but is a mess to set up on many devices besides I have to keep the test system running.

Our production system was set up from scratch but we imported the data files form an owncloud server. (rsyncing).

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From my test (only debug iOS) the problem it’s for a metadatas resources from server (problem db migration from ownCloud ?? i don’t know) without etag or duplicated etag, this caused Nextcloud iOS crash or hide folders … i wait too a resolution :blush:

@MariusBluem @bjoern

same issue here :frowning:

makes nextcloud very useless for me!
i hope you guys can fix it soon!

  • nextcloud 10.0.1
  • ios 10.1
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Same issue with The meta thing here. Latest Beta of ios client and latest stable nextcloud.

Migrated from owncloud8 to nextcloud10

Same issue here. Server is version 10 but in the app listed as 9

Same issue here. I have latest versions of nextcloud server and ios. I has to uninstall the app multiple times and it allows me to go into certain steps like: add server and login, and than it crashes, and every time I open it it immediately closes.

Any solution yet?

A solution ready, next Version Nextcloud iOS in beta test :slight_smile:

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It’s December and this is still occurring. Latest version of nextcloud app on iOS 10.2 for iPhone 5. Nextcloud server is 11.0.0. Fire up app, login, app crashes. No errors, etc. Deleted app and warm reset phone (hold home + pwr) then reinstalled app. Same problem.

@JPRichardson this post is old and resolved, if you have a new problem send mail at with account test in your server.