Ios app crashes when launchs

updated ios app today and crashes when launches . only i had this issue?
ios 10.3.1
nextcloud app 2.17

Found a solution on github , This is because the user ID is case senstive , when i enter the ID absolutely correct,
It didn’t crash any more.

Hi @Billy_Hu this is not a good solution, can u send me a account test (crash) for debug the issue ? Thanks

Same issue here, I changed the username to case sensitive and now it works, sadly I had to reinstall the app to do that, now the problem is that I can’t change the photo upload folder anymore (can’t find the option in this version of the app)

Find a bug on API … soon a solution … and …

Thanks for pointing out how to change the upload location. I thought that feature was removed. Honestly, that setting belongs in the settings, not the folder operations. You set it once, then leave it alone…