iOS App crashes when enabling all photo/video upload


the app crashes when i enable this option, it generates the archive, is starting to create the montly/yearly folders, i can see that it collected around ~980 objects to upload then crashes.

I can see the badge on the app with the ~980 uploads but when i start the app again the upload is empty and the objects are gone, when i reenable the option same thing happens again.

I really like to upload everything thats on my device. Any help on this or an app update?

Regards X23

Yes it’s un issue know; after Christmas new version with bug fix.

Will it be in 2016?

Regards X23

When can we expect the updated version to be found on the apple appstore? Has the updated app already been submitted to apple for review?

Regards X23

I have the same problem here.
My daughter has 10264 photos/videos on her iPhone. The Nextcloud installation is new, so she never synced.
When I activate the option All photo/video upload, it generates the archive, it begins to upload and round 9950 it crashes.
I tried it several times and each time the app crashes around the number of 9950.

stay tuned … gold version in test, 10.000 it’s a good test.


the new version is live and the upload is working now but one thing…
I’ve enabled server side encryption and all the photos uploaded are now crypted, look here:

How should i use that crypted files will also be synced to my computer, howto watch the photos?

When i create test folder in the nextcloud sync storage on my local computer and create a text file in it it will be upload as text file and will not be crypted what the hell is happening here?

I need my Photos watchable on the server i maybe also like to create a galery within nextcloud how should that work if the files upload are not readable (on the fly encrytable) on the server. confused… any idea?

Regards X23

The Encryption client module iOS it’s only for iOS device, not server side.



that means stuff that has been uploaded with the nextcloud ios app is only readable by nextcloud ios app?
Howto turn off that app side encryption?

Is it true that i have to reupload everything?

After some study of the app is it possible that automatic photo uploads are always encrypted? If yes, this needs to be switched of else i am always a slave of an ios device, for what should this good for… hmmm

When i manually upload a picture i can choose between plain or crypted why not for the automatic upload?


OMG stupid me, i missed the options "upload Files/Videos crypted in the picture upload options, sorry for that.
Everything clear now!

Regards X23

Hi @ios,
I’ve installed the updated app on the iPhone and successfully downloaded the more then 10300 photos and videos.
So we can say that the option ‘All photo/video upload’ is working now.
Thanks for the correction.

Is the help about the options somewhere more described in some detail?
For example I’ve activated the option Upload from camera with Upload photos (only wifi) and Upload video (only with wifi).
So I imagine that from now on new photos and videos are uploaded automatically? Or only if the app is open?
Because there is also the option Upload on background that I didn’t activate yet?
Now that the old 10300 photos and videos are uploaded, can I now desactivate the option Upload all photo/video? Or better not?


I’m seeing this with my iPhone (my wife’s works OK with many fewer pictures to upload). I have about 25,000 pictures, and it does about 5,000 and then just starts re-springing constantly (won’t even open).

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