iOS App CloudNews and NC12


anyone using the CloudNews app?
Does the app works fine with Nextcloud 12?

Is the app under an active development?


Last release was 1 year ago. Here is the repo:

@rakekniven seems to use it, did you test it with NC 12?

Hello @guddl,

personally using the app daily (hourly :slight_smile: ) and it is working reliable.
At the moment the developer is not spending much time on it, but it works and feature set is complete from my POV.
Have it on some devices with iOS 11.3.2 and my NC is v11.0.0.3

Regarding your question of NV v12:
I can report after switching to v12 as soon as v12.0.0.1 is out

If you cannot wait I would recommend to set up demo, install app and try.
Amazing demo offer:


Hi @rakekniven.

Thank’s for your answer. My “daily driver” is an Android phone :slight_smile:

I’m just searching the right apps for my business iPhone. So I will test it with my NC 12 installation.


Hello, app is working reliable with v12.0.0.3.
Just tried it on iOS11. Works.