[iOS app] Cannot upload photos anymore

Hello guys,

New nextcloud user here. I set up a simple and standard Nextcloud, and started uploading pictures one by one (or rather 50 by 50) via the iOS app. It worked fine until now, when I can select any number of pictures (1 to 50), and they are not uploaded anymore. In place, I have a cloud icon in place and nothing is uploading anymore:

Could you please help me with that?


Hi rouky, we need more information, error ?? have you free space on cloud / iphone ? It is abnormal that i can not preview the image Loading …

Hello @ios,

Thanks for your answer.

There is space both on the server and the iPhone. There are no error messages displayed on the iPhone, and I haven’t found an error in the apache logs (are there other places where I can look at logs?).
For now, I just can see that after a while, the line with the cloud icon, 0.00 bytes as shown in the picture disappears, and the picture(s) I had selected for upload are not uploaded.

remove [X] all image in queue for Upload, and retry with only one, and see if start

It doesn’t. I also emptied the cache of the app, and tried again to upload a picture, and it didn’t work. I’m thinking about uninstalling and installing the app again, see if it changes anything.

ohhh no … this is a valid problem to understand … if possible :slight_smile:

now (after clear cache) if send one image you see preview image or simbol cloud ?

After clearing the cache, still the cloud symbol.

mmm do you have test “terminate” Nextcloud App ? i immagin yes …

Yes, “terminating” it and running it again (without uninstalling).

ok then go to settings and Exit Nextcloud, this erase account …

Note. is jbroken ?
Note. if you download a image (or file) or reload this its’ ok or freeze ?

Erasing the account and entering again didn’t work either.
The iPhone is not jailbroken, and I can without any problem download photos from Nextcloud to the iPhone.
Is there a limit of the size of all the files that can be uploaded on nextcloud or just via the app? I haven’t set up any quota for the users (and it shows unlimited quota).

Nooo, no limits, … this has not explication … file for upload without preview and length at 0 :fearful:
“exit from Nextcloud” App remove App
restart iPhone and reinstall App …

it would be interesting to understand the reason for this problem … but it is impossible to remotely :disappointed:


Is there any update on this?

I selected the ‘Upload all photos’ option in the iphone app. I know it says beta and I do have 26000+ photos on there, so I was not really surprised that it stopped after uploading about 3500 photos. The question is, how do I let it continue?

When I take a new photo, it uploads it right away though, so that’s nice!

Also a noob question, but just to be sure, when I clear the cache of the nextcloud app, I am only deleting locally right? And only stuff that has already been uploaded to the nextcloud server right? So by doing that I will only get more space on my iphone and will not loose any data since it is all on the nextcloud server?

Hi @mvbakker, we know about this problem, we’re working on it :wink: (26.000 photos ? compliments !)

When clear cache this remove “only” local cache on iPhone. :relaxed:

Ah cool, thanks a lot for the great work guys!

Until then, what’s the best I can do? Nothing? Or should I try and upload them manually?

Now manually … considers that 26000 photos in only a folder it’s crazy … :fearful:

My iPhone is uploading the photos but I am not seeing any photos or videos on my NextCloud which is in the same apartment as me.