iOS app caches videos to device even when not marked for offline use


I’m using the iOS app on iPhone with Auto-Upload feature for videos enabled. I noticed that the App uses a LOT of storage even though I don’t have any files/folders favorited or marked for offline use.

It seems like videos are auto-uploaded to Nextcloud, as expected. However, the videos are downloaded back into the app and cached. When I go into the Photos folder, I see a list of videos, some already cached and viewable immediately - no buffering whatsoever - and the rest marked for download, and downloading.

It seems my full collection of videos are uploaded to Nextcloud and then downloaded and stored on the devices. The app was using 9GB of storage on my iPhone. I’ve now cleared the cache from within the app and that seemed to remove those cached videos, but I expect this will happen again.

Is there any way to prevent this behavior?

I saw a few other posts that seem to relate generally to the topic of the app using a lot of storage, but nothing specifically discussing local caching of videos.