iOS App & Autoupdating (favorit) folder content


I’ve got a folder within my cloud - marked it as a favorite AND toggled on “offline availability” within my iOS NextCloud settings.

Now the client syncs the content of this favorite folder completely to my iOS client - perfect!!

But if something changes within that folder new files won’t be automatically downloaded & saved. I can’t even “refresh” (pull master folder list down) and start the syncing process manually. The new file is shown there but won’t download automatically. I’ve got to touch the file and “manually” download it.

… but I need the automatic download or at least somehow start to manually download ALL changes within that favorite folder. Or if not possible with favorite feature then in some other way.

The idea: I’ve got a master folder containing several subfolders (images, movies, PDFs, other documents) which may contain files and other subfolders. The content should always be offline available and up to date - best way automatically updated or at least simple with a single click / touch / drag for the whole master folder. NOT the need to download every changed file manually.

Possible somehow? :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Frank