IOs App auto-sync trying to resend all images again to server

Hello there,

I’m using NC and I uploaded all my iPhone photos to it using auto-sync in the IOs App.

I turned it on, selected a path, keep the name of the files unmasked and I took like 5 days or more to upload everything (I already read the background sync issues in IOs).

Well, it was like 20 days ago and this morning I ran the IOs App again and it was disconnected from my user.

I reconnect within the same user and all the files are in the NC, but it is retrying to upload everything again.

Looks like it doesn’t recognize the files that are already uploaded in my server.

I already tried some actions, like clean the cache, turn off/on again the “send all camera files” etc. Nothing seems to work.

Is there a way to tell the IOs APP to not sync all over again?

Thanks for any clue about it.

I checked my server app path and I saw the files_versions folder… I will read the docs about it and see how it works.