IOS app after last update is not registering new photos/videos in Photo library - no sync


i just noticed that IOS app on my phone have no new photos to sync for days. I’m usually opening app just to unload them since there’s no background refresh. But it seems since last app update it simply does not see new stuff in library. I tried to create photo, video, and then open NC app but transfer tab stays empty. After checking, new media is not where it should be. But, if i do manually all files i select go where i want. So i doubt its anything connection related. Its just NC app does not see new stuff in Photo library of phone.

iOS 15.7.1
NC iOS app
NC 23.0.10

Just to add, i got no any error messages, its jut doing nothing like new photos are not there.
If someone can confirm this it would be nice. Just to know do i need to reinstall everything or not.
Ahh, yes, i triple - checked that auto-upload is enabled.

Thank you.

I see the same problem on iphone 13 with latest app.

There are a bunch of new photos that are not detected.

iOS 15.6.1
Nextcloud Server 23.0.8
Nextcloud Liquid for iOS

Issue is already known in Github

(and it seems, that a bugfix is in the works…)

It seems no fix any time soon. Would be nice that we can roll back app so we can at least use it. But, anyways, devs,… thank you for your hard work. I know its not easy.

Wish you the best!

I just noticed that even freshly scanned images are not created at all. No syncing, nothing hapens after save.

Looks its fixed with 4.5.4.

Thank you.

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I can confirm too, updated iOS-App fixes the broken photo-upload.
Perfect! :pray: