Ios 14 - problems

So I recently upgraded my iphone to ios14. I saw another post here related to upload problems. I have not been able to get this to work at all (even verifying local access for nextcloud is enabled).

i have totally deleted the app from my phone and re-installed. I can’t even get a connection to my server (Unraid with NextCloud).

From Safari, I can access it just fine.


What error do you get?

I have a similar problem here with version 3.08. Safari works fine but nextcloud app does not.
message is “not possible to connect to the server at this time. Unsupported URL”

i will double check tonight. i did find that it works perfect if i connect thru my cell provider via public ip, thru a paloalto firewall.

but locally onnet, it doesnt work from this phone. works great for the rest of the family on their androids. so it certainly is not an internal networking issue.

could this be just a lame local firewall policy to ‘ban’ urls which have the form cloud.something.else