iOS 14.1 Nextcloud App not responsive at start (10 secs.)

Starting the app on my iPhone SE (iOS 14.1) leads to a freeze of about 10 seconds. Afterwards the app works fine. The log file shows an error, but I do not know how to fix it:

2020-11-04 09:08:37 Network response request: https://cloud. [domain] .de/remote.php/webdav, result: success(1168 bytes)
2020-11-04 09:08:37 Network request started: SEARCH https://cloud. [domain] .de/remote.php/dav
2020-11-04 09:08:37 Network response request: https://cloud. [domain] .de/remote.php/dav, result: failure(Alamofire.AFError.responseValidationFailed(reason: Alamofire.AFError.ResponseValidationFailureReason.unacceptableStatusCode(code: 404)))
2020-11-04 09:09:03 Network response request: https://cloud. [domain] .de/remote.php/webdav/NEXTCLOUD/Shares/, result: success(7662722 bytes)

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello @NC-Userrr ,

welcome to the community of Nextcloud.

Which app version are you using?

Please check for already existing issues related to your issue.


I am using the latest app version (Version 3.0.11).

The server is working without issues. No problems and no freezes using Nextcloud in the browser (tested on iPhone and Windows PC). Nextcloud Server Version is 20.0.1.

Replying to this post, because I experienced similar issues and might have found a cause.

I cleared the log and reopened the app, and noticed that the log contained a lot of entries "Network request started: PROPFIND ". I recognized the URL’s were for each of my favorited folders.

I then tried to unfavorite all my favorites, and now the stalling issue seems to have gone. Perhaps the PROPFIND network requests are blocking the main thread?

Also seems related to this: