iOS 13 Folder Bookmarks

There was a neat feature introduced with iOS 13 that hasn’t been taken advantage of by many apps yet. That feature is the ability for apps to create permanent links to folders and files from outside of their sandbox.
Since the NextCloud app doesn’t donate any Shortcut actions, this seemed like a great way to automate file management. Unfortunately neither the NextCloud app, nor any WebDAV apps that I’ve tested support this feature. You can bookmark a file, but not a folder.
Has anyone found an app that can connect to a NextCloud server and supports Folder Bookmarks?

P.S. There are apps that support this feature very well, including Secure Shellfish and Working Copy.

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I love NextCloud but the inability to access specific folder is a big problem for me on iOS. I have several apps which allow me to select a “Folder” from both iCloud and Dropbox, but NextCloud is always grayed out. I would really like to see this.