Inviting nextcloud user to calender event - event not showing up in his calender


I am running NextCloud 23.0.0 on Debian 10.11/Apache/2.4.38/php7.3-fpm.

I am having the following issue

  1. User A creates a event in his calender and invites user B
  2. User B does receive an E-Mail invitation, however the event doesn’t show up in his calender, not even after accpeting the E-Mail invitation

On the other hand if

  1. User B creates a event in his calender and invites user A
  2. The event will pop up in user As calender right away but he wont receive a E-Mail

I think the event should pop up in the atendees calender right away, while also giving them an opportunity to decline or accept.

I hope somebody can help me with this!

Best regards

This is the fix!

User B apparently deleted his default “Personal” calendar and created a new one. Upon restoring the actual “Personal” Calendar from the trash bin the problem vanished.