Invitation to our hackweek in Stuttgart

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Next week, August 1-5, we’ve planned another Hackweek to kick off a discussion about Nextcloud 11 (to be released later this year), testing infrastructure and many other practical and social subjects around our project. On Tuesday evening we’ll organize a BBQ again but this time, everyone’s invited to join any or all days of the week!

Practical information

The BBQ will be at Egilolfstr. 31 - 70599 Stuttgart-Birkach / Hohenheim again, close to Stuttgart Airport. Nearest public transport would be either U3 Plieningen or S2/3 Flughafen/Messe.
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The hacking will kick off in the Stuttgart office:
Nextcloud GmbH
Kronenstraße 22A
70173 Stuttgart

We will start August 1st around 10 in the morning, most days probably until 7 or so until we arrange some food and, possibly, come back after that for some more hacking. August 5 will be the last day, probably still until early evening. There are plenty hotels in the city center but you can also sleep in the house–at least three people will and you can join! Bring a sleeping bag & mat and be a part of the sleepover fun!

If you’d like to join, please let us know, either in the comments below or by sending an email to one of us. That way we can ensure there is enough food and drinks–not to forget about chairs and tables.

If you can’t make it, no worries, there’s still the Nextcloud Conference you can participate in! Stay tuned for news on that one, we’ll be opening registration soon.


I’m curious, I’ll join and I need a place to sleep in the house.


So to get an idea who will be there, from what I know, at least:

You forgot me!
No cheese for you!

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/me quickly edits

Also didn’t add Vanessa, Patrick, Leon (I believe he’s on holiday?) and Niels (surely on holiday). And who else?

Also, @Gomez mentioned he might drop by for 1–2 days!

And I hope @sualko and @LEDfan will be able to drop by so we can work on more Chat & communications integration! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know, but maybe @longsleep wants to come over (at least one day :wink: )

sadly these awesome chaps already told me they won’t be able to make it. I’m still trying to figure out how to bribe them to at least be at the conference :wink:

About that, which kind of bribes would be available? :slight_smile:


we can help you pay for travel, for sure, and there is always the possibility of alcoholic gifts :wink:


Sounds awesome! Both things! I’ll check my schedule and would love to b e at the conference! :slight_smile:


I’ll try to be there either on Monday or Tuesday, but I cannot say for sure until Saturday.


@juliushaertl great news! :slight_smile: It’s not compulsory to be there for the full week – anything is fine. We can work a bit more on polishing Theming then!

If there is need for French red wine from Fitou ( … I’m coming by car :wink:


Well good french wine never hurt anybody :wink:


I’m in on Monday and (because @jan reminded me on the BBQ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Tuesday :wink:

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I’m in most likely on Tuesday and Wednesday. The other days are not yet clear. So I would love to request a place to sleep Tu->We.

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Dear all,

I have some bad news.

The internet provider failed to deliver internet in the promised period (surprise!) and thus the house is still without network. They might deliver today or early next week but we can’t be certain so we decided to move our meeting to the office:
Nextcloud GmbH
Kronenstraße 22A
70173 Stuttgart

Those sleeping in the house can still do that, travel to the office takes a bit but at least you sleep in a nice, green, quiet place; of course if you decide to prefer a hotel close to the office we will help with that, financially.

Also, the BBQ will be at the house on Tuesday night anyway because that’s just the best spot for that.

Sorry for the mess…

Isnt that better anyway because it is near to the station?

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if somebody need a place to stay, in can host you at my place. (12 Minutes by Train to the Mainstation)

Unfortanatly i have to work and cant participate in daytime.