Inverted sharing inheritance [Fixed]

I was close to fill a bug on it, but I think I’ve a serious misconfiguration and/or lacking in basic knowledge about the sharing procedure with the android app. So please tell me I’m stupid.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a nextcloud instance running with some users
  2. Create new folder i.e. “parent”
  3. Inside “parent” create new folder i.e. “child”
  4. Share “child” with some user

Expected behaviour

  • “child” should be shared

Actual behaviour

  • “parent” is shared, “child” also, inherited by “parent”

Can you reproduce this problem on

  • Unfortunately not. Cause I can’t create no users inside the the demo account, right? I’ve no issues sharing the “child” folder by link.

Environment data

Android version: 10
Device model: lilac
Stock or customized system: LineageOS 17.1
Nextcloud app version: 3.15.0
Nextcloud server version: 20.0.7

The activity log says clearly “parent” has been shared.

Next test I made after unsharing everything, was to create a three-folder-hierarchie “parent->child->grandchild” and shared “grandchild”. The result was a shared “child” folder, but the “parent” folder left untouched.

Everything works perfect if using the “share link” function instead. I use the Android app since years, but the behaviour has appeared just a few days or weeks ago, maybe since the last update of the app.

No troubles so far with the webapp.


Checked recently with the IpadOS 12.0, nextcloud app version 3.3.0 and everything works smooth as expected. Checked also with another Stock Rom based Android 10 phone, different app source (F-Droid instead of Playstore, but same version), and the misbehaviour is reproducible.


Filled a bug report.