INVALID HASH after upgrade to 20.0.5

Just updated my 20.04. instance to 20.05 and it reports an INVALID HASH. Specifically:

$ occ integrity:check-core
    - core/doc/user/_images/sharing_public_folder.png:
      - expected: 2d89ea33ca54bb7addf9de1da544673d09e6cfb93dafb4ffb7c1230d4bbccf2dc9d71e5115980a7767ec8147feaad26f3699d0bdf6efd34ae6e5b620d3c99e77
      - current: 80cef74a5315428fe09f42928997857c67457afd5bf527a965227f63b34a5d29fd74618610864e738604cbfe399cc7fa9aab8136fecbb76e021b74503e18f533

Looks like a slip up in the updater. I see two options:

  1. Get the copy of sharing_public_folder.png that Nextcloud wants and drop it into: /var/www/html/nextcloud/core/doc/user/_images/sharing_public_folder.png
  2. Let Nextcloud somehow know that I’m good with the copy I have and ignore this expectation or update it to expect the hash of the file I have.

Anyone else seen this happen? How to lose the reported error that shows up whenever checking the Overview.?


so next question is: where to get it from? :thinking:
Hint: try downloading the original installing-file from again and search for it in there… then do what you suggested and try upgrading again.

Well I guess I’ll have a look here:

(it’s downloading now, the nexctloud help and download servers are not by any measure vury respsonive alas).

I am not sure what you mean by trying to upgrade again. The option is not available in the Web UI of Nextcloud, as it’s already upgraded. Nor does that seem particularly attracive given one file fails the hash test and the update clearly either didn’t update that file (but did update it’s expected hash for it)_, or updated that file with one that doesn’t match the expected hash.

Just checked the existing file and it’s broken, not an image file at all. Bizarre. Took a peek in a hex editor and it has the same start sequence as a valid png beside it. But it’s a corrupt png to be sure.

Well it downloaded, and from the zip I extracted that one file and it looked good (a non corrupt png) so I copied to my live folder, and reran the scan and all is good.

Seems that file is either broken in the update, or worse something went wrong during the update process (worse because I’m more comfortable with Nextcloud bungling an updater, than I am with the thought that simply download and unpack of files can corrupt one).

Either way my issue is fixed. But we don’t know what went wrong (be it a broken updater - i.e. everyone updating experiences same, or something wen wrong during my update run … twilight zone).

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could have happened during the download…
so thanks to every higher being (and devs, of course) that they managed to build-in a routine to check the installation for corrupt files :wink:

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