Invalid File links HTTP Error 503


i cant download files or open them in a new tab. If i click or open them in a new tab i get a HTTP ERROR 503.

Every file in the webinterface ist linked to:

As shown in the Screenshot below:

And iam not sure why or wether the linking to the webdav is correct.

Iam running nextcloud on Ubuntu 16.04 with apache2 and mariadb

My Apache Configs:

000-defualt.conf: Ubuntu Pastebin
defualt-ssl.conf: Ubuntu Pastebin

Kind regards

Can you use the same
<Directory /var/www/nextcloud>

Block in you SSL-config? Also the Alias in your 000-default.conf (line 12) does not make sense if you use this directory already as DocumentRoot, just comment it out.

Can you check your webserver logfile, especially the error logfile when you get this 503-error?

The link in the interface seems to be correct.