Invalid e-mail address

Did anybody have troubles when trying to create an account on some web platforms with his/her e-mail address finishing by
I had this problem with:

  • Le Monde Diplomatique (when trying to change my e-mail address), a french newspaper. The problem is solved now but I had to write twice to the service
  • and, 2 days ago, with Discount, Car and Truck Rentals, a canadian company. I still have to write to them.


what is the problem here?

This problem is not related to the mail app. It’s a known problem for mail addresses using rather new top level domains. There are still problem with much older TLDs like .info. Only solution I found is to have an alternative domain name (.net, .com, .org or any of the countries TLDs, perhaps not the exotic ones).

Ok, thank you. So, I’m not the only one. I’ve also used an alternative e-mail address to solve some problems. However, it means you are not able to keep just one e-maila ddress, which I would have liked.

You can then redirect or remind webmasters to update their contact forms.

This is what I have done.