Introduction to Nextcloud presentation at University of Pireaus, Dec 7th, 2016

During December 2016, I went to Athens for professional reason. My friends from Softwre Libre Society at University of Pireaus, asked me to present Nextcloud for the first time at their university. So they set a facebook event. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to promote it (due to my professional schedule).

The presentation had to do about choosing the best solution for cloud service. One solution is Nextcloud. Since they never heard of the new project (they knew me from promoting other cloud software), I had the opportunity to show them how easy is to install it and use it at home.

Some questions had to do with the security. How secure is Nextcloud at home and at office. Secirity is administrator’s job so it depends how well he/she can make it safe.

As I said before, there wasn’t enough time to promote this event so there wasn’t enough people. Some had to attend to classes at the university.

I had few stikers left and gave them all. So I had to ask for new promo materials for future events.

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