Internet connections NC needs

A bit technical question.

Can somebody tell me why NC is pinging
This IP belongs to, a company that provides cloud services.

Do I need a working connection to that company for NC to work properly???

ufw output:

Jul 26 14:53:59 nc-dev kernel: [ 9700.446336] [UFW BLOCK] IN= OUT=enp0s3 SRC= DST= LEN=84 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=26283 DF PROTO=ICMP TYPE=8 CODE=0 ID=53699 SEQ=1

(I like to have control over my machines which includes, to some degree, the outgoing connections my server makes)


I am not a developer of the software, so please wait for in-depth reply from someone with developer team or knowledge.

However, as an user point a view, I can confirm, once installed, NextCloud doesn’t need any active Internet connection to operate within LAN

Home page displays error on weather update and app store won’t function due to unavailability of an active internet connection but apart from that, installation and other functionalities works just fine.

If you may notice, there is an app store for 3rd party app, and few information like weather update and such (in default installation) requires Internet to fetch their respective data. Apart from that, NextCloud is very much usable and works fine within a closed network.


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Doesn’t answer my question, but thank you for your reply.
Good to know that NC is not breaking without internet connection.

I found a list of remote servers that NC talks to: Connections to remote servers

And still I can’t relate any of those hosts to the IP
So I am still wondering about this IP… :thinking:

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