Internal Server Error on GoDaddy shared hosting

I am trying to install NextCloud on with GoDaddy shared hosting. I have created the domain and uploaded the setup php to it. After specifying the directory to install to, the script runs for about 30 seconds before presenting me with an Internal Server Error. I do not manage to even get to the screen for creating an account and setting up storage and database - the error is displayed with as the url.

Any ideas of what I could try to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

Look in your apache error log

Hello @Abe_Stewart, I have installed Nextcloud recently in Godaddy shared hosting. I think that my installation ended with same error, at Cpanel I noticed I/O usage had reached maximum allowed. After checking out Public_html there is a temporary folder with a nextcloud directory inside in which there are all the files supposed to be after setup-nextcloud.php file it has been launched and finished succesfully. I have moved all the files to Public_html and typing the domain url I have first Nextcloud login after an install where you must setup user, password and database connection. You can check it if it works for you.
In my case problem is that I can’t login because a redirect loop, I don’t know if it is due to moving files or another issue. I can login only if I type and it is not in trusted domains setup in config/config.php.