Internal server error on 21.01

hey gents

I meet across some troubles when I update my nextcloud server from 16.05 to 21.01

I know the manual said we need to make step by step ,but I have another problem with that

so I shutdown my nginx ,replace 16.05 files by 21.01 folder(remans config.php/data folders.etc)

then the internal server error is in my way and I have no idea how to deal with it

tech details

  • remote address:
    *request ID ID:9izZngDbsfVHzKUT26RC

trying to find something useful in the log files ,but there are too many errors with php or verstions

what should I do in this stage ?

thanks in advance

Restore the backup and run the updates as described in the Nextcloud manual.

thanks ,but I that is what I have done in the very beginning stage ,however it dont make out
either downloading error or failed integerity check and later it stuck at “stage 4 is currently in process, try it later”

another reason is nextcloud 17 need PHP version no higher than 7.3 ,but later nextcloud requires PHP higher than 73.

I tried to rebuilt a enviroment same as 16.05 for 2 days but I cant find a right way to loading PHP 72+ php-fpm

for your refrence ,current php is
PHP 7.4.19 (cli) (built: May 4 2021 11:06:37) ( NTS )

pls let me know

You can take a look into /path/to/nextcloud/data-folder/updater.log

Could you maybe post some of the “too many errors”? Very likely they already point to a (the?) that needs fixing