Internal Server Error Box Xubuntu 16.04

I have been using the ownCloud client (fully updated) but it has stopped working (Internal Server Errors)

I am out of my depth, but though I would start by installing the Nextcloud one, but I don’t know how to build from the source code.

Could anyone give me step by step instructions please?

Also, any thoughts on my client problem - it was all working so well…



Internal server error rather indicates a problem on your server. Please have a look in your webserver logfiles.

Nextcloud currently uses the same client, the difference is just in theming, a change wouldn’t help here. There are no repositories for the client so far. Personally, I would stick to the owncloud client as long as they are compatible and wait and hope that there will be a repository for the client on Nextcloud as well.


I had thought as much as when I booted into windows the client there gave me the same errors.

I will stick to Owncloud client which I have updated to Version 2.2.4

I’ll start a thread in the support section about the errors