Internal Server Error at login

Suddenly i have the problem, that I cannot login to nextcloud Website and always get an internal Server error.

Connecting with nextcloud Client is working.

in nextcloud.log i found the error : Username must be a string ? Usernames are a string with just alpha keys.

system was running fine on synology till sunday without touching.

somebody has an idea ?

thx and greetings from austria

Hi. Did you set 2-factor authentication ?

Hi Artem,

yes i had 2fa with plugin app before but for now it was disabled. tried to update to akctual version 15.02 and webdav still working but not the “web-login”

OCC says 2fa is disabled for now.



i finally fixed the problem, it was php7.0 that handles strings in an other way than php 7.2. Upgrade and done

thx for help