Internal Server Error after upgrade to 16.0.2


I made an upgrade to 16.0.2 (from 16.0.1) and then the passwords app returns “Internal server Error”. I use FreeBSD 11.2, MySQL, PHP 7.2 and Apapche 2.4. No error messages were returned during the upgrade (performed from CLI). all other apps seems to work.

Excerpts from the log:

“message”:“Login attempt with invalid session for 99409bfe-7f74-1038-85db-47295a813999”
“Message”:“Unable to verify user 99409bfe-7f74-1038-85db-47295a813999”

Please help
Stefan Sundberg

It’S probably this bug. There is a nightly version available which fixes this bug.

Thank you! It worked even if the loading of the “passwords” page seems to take much longer time than usual.

Stefan Sundberg